Hookers Ch2

Hot Gay

Now this girl was well dressed in tight short shorts, and tank top, sneakers and socks, and was well groomed and clean, not your average street walker that's for sure! I asked if she was a cop and she

The Encounter


I texted you at work, to let you know if you had time that I would be at this hotel. If you wanted to come over for a visit. You texted me back saying that you are leaving work early and that you'll b

King University's New Slut Part 5


On my way back to the dorm room, all I could think about was Tayshawn and what transpired between us. His amazing physique, his big arms wrapped around me making me feel like I was his only one. What

Unplanned family Thing IV


I woke up early, around 5 a.m. I was still snuggled up against "E" and needless to say, I had a morning piss hard on. Started to rub up and down between her cheeks. She lifted her leg a little and I s

my slutwife 3


I asked her if she was serious, she said - what do you think 'ready for work' means?It was on! she was really going to whore herself out. i got dressed and got ready to leave to find her some 'work'.

Christmas Day will be coming

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waters run off, and form a stream down the Valley of the k**ron. This spot is chosen by the peasants of Siloam as a threshingfloor for the grain which they collect in the neighbourhood. The mode of tr



“It’s beautiful!” she said, as they got out of the car and looked around. The cabin looked like a log cabin off the side of a mountain somewhere, it needed a little TLC, but it was quaint. It sat a sh

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inside of her pt2


i heard a faint knock at the door i came from the kitchen area to yell im coming and when i got to the door there she was but she looked differnt sexy but defentily some thing had changed i could not

inside of her PT 1


direction all the lights were off from the power outtage as i heard a boltof lighting strike there was a knock at the door itgot louder as i went 2 it i got to the peephole and asked who is it . i h

'A Stanger named Chuck' written by Janet


I started to laugh as I was reading his email; I wonder how he could email me? I ask, 'Okay, how the hell you email me if you in my closet? Chuck reply; ' With my cell phone.' Sitting there dumbfounde

Honeymoon with my cousin

Hairy Pussy

It was a hot sunny day, my school exams were over, we friends celebrated,danced& enjoyed ourselves.It was evening time when i reached home.To my surprise i found my cousin sister opening door.Jeniffer

How to Guide Blow Job


The number one blowjob mistake: letting your teeth hit his cock. I can't stress this enough. Ask any guy and he'll tell you again and again: nothing is worse than a blowjob that is "all teeth". In fac


Girl Masturbating

I couldn't hide my boner and was itching to take care of it when Becky turned to look at me and said, I'll take care of you if you promise not to tell anyone. I stammered, what what do you mean? Ga

18th bday


she was about 19 and weight about 130lbs.. 32b and nice hourglass figure.. she knocked at the door and i lead her to the spare bedroom.. she know it was my birthday and told me she wanted to have sex

Our Own Show


"Oh! I'm cumming," s/he shouted.That caused a chain reaction. Francesca splashed me on one side while Zaza got me on the other.************************************************************************

In the mountains


Unfortunately she had to move, she got a job in Colorado.That is a totally true story,

Sex in the Supermaket


You see dear readers, what can flow through a womans mind, the symbolism and desire, not to mention why 'Up-skirt Cameras' show us without panties, wearing stocking, and a hint of moistness, along our

Day Dreaming

Big Tits

Day DreamingI lean against the wall, ankles crossed and hands shoved deep in my jeans pockets. My short cropped auburn hair shines softly in the light as I take one hand and run it through the soft tr

My fantasy

Big Ass

First off, my wife and I would have to agree on whom she would have sex with. He would need to be clean cut and handsome. I would want his dick to be bigger than mine. That way she would know she was

The Lady in the Woods was back for more.


I could not belive what she was telling me, then remembering I thought I saw some one I realised I did it was her husband, the image of him watching while I was fucking his wife was in my mind and I w

A letter from me to my girl


with my tounge and my teeth. Start out by kissing yourlips and slowly start nibbling on your ear as I lickand suck my way down your neck and between yourbreasts. Slowly I reach under your shirt and ov

her first time


Pam brushed her hair out of her face. She liked the way he looked at her. It made her feel like he wanted her. It was weird to think something like that of her cousin, but he was a cute guy, after all

Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good


"Jesus dad, I'm 18, I think I'm old enough to decide how late I can stay out!""Listen to that attitude. What's been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those slutty clothes, then swearing a

A Incredible Night


"Hey sexy." Gary typed up."Hey." Stephanie typed back.Gary started asking Stephanie how she was doing. He really found himself wanting to meet her that Friday night and fuck her brains out. They had b