Toilet Training


She didn’t say hi, but she beamed a huge smile that immediately set Emma at ease. She leaned in close and Emma inadvertently glanced down into a terrific cleavage. The newcomer said, ‘ever had sex in

Afternoon Fuck


Babs came in and to Gary’s delight she had on an extremely short, flirty dress on. She took off her jacket and slung it over the back of the sofa. She entered the kitchen and hoisted herself up onto

untitled contd


I spent the next two weeks making the proper arrangements. All of my old equipment had to be discarded. I wanted the tools of my trade to be virgin. Unblemished, like her perfect skin. The hours in th

Lust on a train


I thought about these things and remembered her with a smile as the train picked up speed through the Paris suburbs and I settled into my journey. The steward offered wine and I chose a Chablis and st

Golf Class


This happened about ten years ago when I was sixteen. I had played golf all my life and was really good at it. I was on the high school golf team so I was allowed to go to the club and play golf one d



-- Hi sweetie I am happy that you accepted my invitation I was looking thought your profile and you said that you like imaginative fantasy’s. well I dreamed this one up while looking at your photos an

My First Experience With Dick, JERK and SUCK

Hairy Pussy

Many people have asked me how I started with sex. I have many good stories. But I would like to tell everyone how I discovered sexuality and started liking a lot dick.I started experimenting very youn


Big Ass

I knew that I had an uphill task ahead. My son had ignored my numerous cautions all through, paying very little attention to his studies. I felt it would be humiliating in the society if I could not g

Cobblers Beach


It was a lovely September Saturday that I set out for Cobblers Beach, a little nudist beach nestled away from the crowds in Sydney Harbour. I first went there with a boyfriend on a dare about ten year

My Mother in Law,, Jean ,, d**gged and used


I still jack off to that often... I thought how easy it was to get her in this helpless state.. I thought what if i could get some roofies,, or some other d**g that could be mixed with her drink.. so

Fun 4some


I was told to walk into the room when all the boys were discussing women. I did so, the three boys (Connor, Tom and Adam) were watching porn and masturbating. They turned there heads and watched me wa

coming home used


Well what has got my dirty little bitch so horny he says as he presses replay on my video of choice,wow hot babe i like it he says dropping his jeans and boxers and proceedes to fuck me senseless.When

you never told me she was my daughter

High School

i didnt know at the time why but she soon told me.well that was when she calmed down enough to get the words out.well at least she didnt have a weapon with her.my weapon on the other hand was still ve

The Office Slut part 1 TRUE STORY

High School

I had been doing the gardening for the Estate agency in London for about a year. The thing that first struck me about the contract when I took it on was that was that all the staff in the office were

my slut wife 1


Anyway, I thought I was a bit out of shape, she thought she could use a couple of gym sessions as well, so we hit the gym and in a couple of months we had beach bodies. I found a good deal online for

Date Night


We were at this club and were drinking pretty heavy. We met this other couple, about our age. The woman's name was Bess an she was in her early fifties, attractive, blonde hair, "D" cup titties, big b

Part 1 Puddled


B roads in Wales are usually long winding boring affairs this one was no different it was ten or more miles back to her Holiday home the young teacher was looking forward to a quiet weekend away fro

Dear Dirty Diary - part 13

Girl Masturbating

Louise advertised in Cornwall, Messina, Montreal, Plattsburg and Burlington newspapers and had brochures printed for the Cornwall travel bureau and outlet malls. Erin and Jeremy suggested they should

My Lost Orgasm and Some Help in Finding It.


He lay on top of me, breathless and heaving, trying to regain composure, and I seethed under him.I was close to having my orgasm, but he lost control and our cumming together remained a fictional fact

Spank me harder, daddy!


"Jesus dad, I'm 18, I think I'm old enough to decide how late I can stay out!""Listen to that attitude. What's been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those slutty clothes, then swearing a

family fun time

Big Tits

One thought that always gets my dick hard that I have never tried is DP. With the lack of women in the store, I learned to adapt. At 9:30 I found what I was looking for. On the counter were 3 video's-

Wet and wanton Sunday


He's using is hands where they ought to be and tongue where I need it. The remainder of the day will be filled with the lingering sweetness of this time well spent, being pulled, tugged and probed. My

holiday surprise


Four weeks of luxury in front of me, returning once again to the lovely hotel on the beach. Four of us return each year to this paradise. Our two friends, my partner and myself. The first two days wer

I was sleeping part 1


My neice was 18 and I think Elise just turned 19 but dam they were hot! Anyway, Daisy was staying with me while my sister, her mother, went on a retreat somewhere for a week. This was the fourth day