fucking an older man


My friends go outside for a smoke, when I notice this, tall middle aged guy wonder over, pint in hand. I'd seen him staring lustfully at my huge tits from a few metres away.He leans in, i feel his war

From Russia with love ;)


So one of my friends named Sona messages me one day saying shes going to a club in the city and she wanted to know if her and some of her friends can sleep over. So obviously me being a guy, I'm like

Real Life Story

Big Tits

I figured Craigslist was a safe way to throw out fantasies, and be anonymous, not have to act on any of it. use fake name, etc., but if the right scenario popped up, I could go for it.Don't ask me why

Wild Ride


I had just gotten another beer and was standing near the bar, when this black guy walked up to me, and introduced himself to me. He said his name was Sid and that he had seen me the last weekend out t

Training a Cocksucker pt.2

Big Tits

He had been thinking about his mom all evening listening to the lecturer drone on and on about some geopolitical bullshit all the while sneaking strokes on his cock thinking about his mom tied up and

Returning Home

Old & Young

The next morning was all bright sun and orange juice. Mom came out and asked me if I could go next door and help Anna with a sink faucet that was stuck. Putting on flip flops and a shirt over my swim

good and bad


Worse: You're in it.Bad: Your c***dren are sexually active.Worse: With each other.Good: The teacher likes your son.Bad: Sexually.Good: You go to see a strip show.Bad: Your daughter's the headliner.Goo

Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 1)

Girl Masturbating

“Here I am, not even wearing a smile and the sweat is just dripping off me. I’d lay down, but I know that whatever I lay on would be wet and awful in no time at all.”“Luckily I shaved my pubes this m

Sarah has a wild experience (continued part 4 )


Then i heard a car pull up, oh no,mums home.I pulled the tube out and dropped it on the ground it was empty. Standing up i straightend my skirt as mum came to the back door "hey Sarah" "what you doing

A Military Service


Daniel was an 18 year old celibate soldier, just trained as one of the UNA's top guns. He was about to be sent out to his first assignment aboard a small ship called the Virginia, stationed off the co

Married Affair(Part 2)


"Over my tits""Oh baby, yes let me cover your tits with my love juice"I pushed my top down, exposing my tits, I released them from my bra, holding each on in my hands, lifting them, finger and thumb p

New Little Sissy


"Justin honey, I swear I have no idea why you keep coming over to dochores around here.""I am rich you know just like your Mother, I do have a gardener.""There's no need for you to do these things.""N

Camping with Stepdaughter 22


I woke up and I wasn’t alone. Lesly had gotten up in the middle of the night and found that I was not beside her. She came out and quietly cuddled up next to me. I looked down at her, she was so beaut

sis Mom and Me Makes Three 1


"Why's that, mom?" I asked, a touch smugly, knowing full well she was happy to see me at least partly because she guessed we were going to have ourselves another round of torrid lovemaking, like we ha

Adventures of Donna--Part 2 (Little girl swallow)


Donna could feel his large hands pulling her face down on his penis, forcing the huge member down her throat. She started choking and her natural reaction was to resist the force of his hands. There

Curvy Baby a real amateur - Woke me up with a BJ


1-25-11‘Woke up with my cock in her mouth’I am writing up another episode of sex with the emerging slut Curvy Baby. It’s amazing how slutty she has gotten since we have started to post pictures and v

Mindy...Chapter 4


Mindy knew she woke later than her usual morning hour… but this morning she was aware of the electronic buzz of an alarm clock that wouldn’t stop… Mindy reached out blindly toward her nightstand and f

my stepmom slut

Group Sex

she is such a fucking dirty slut .She like to get her bug fat ass lick clean and i have to admit this morning was a dirty job to do.She make me do dirty stuff that would in a normal time discuss me bu

danny and sophia


met, their first day at High School, they had a connection.Neither of the girls knew anyone at their new school so they automaticallybecame best friends, sharing their secrets with each other.As the y

1st time with a Prostitute (i spent about 50-70 bu

Big Ass

"If i took you to my house & we fuck, how much would it cost?" "50, take it or leave it." I handed her the money, she put her tits back in her shirt & put the seat belt on. & started headin home. I pu

diary pt2


I opened the door and smiled in greeting, "Hi. May I help you?" I asked politely. 'Please,' I added to myself. The blonde smiled, two dimples winking at me from beautiful, rosy cheeks. "Hi. I know thi

Scott's BDSM Adventure


I start to become more aware of my surroundings. The table I am lying on is metal and has some odd cutouts in it. I am naked and my balls and cock are sticking through about a 4 inch hole in the table

How it all began, a prologue to 'She can&#039


I was finally home for Summer break. My Freshman year at college, although great, left me missing my home town, friends and family. It was good to be home, to eat my Mother's cooking, to bullshit with

Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

Big Ass

He slid his cock up and down along the lips of my now cum covered cunt. He grinned nastily at me from between my legs and then grunted as he pushed forward, driving his meaty cock inside me, shooting

My first sexual experience (13 YO)


Back at camp i had to share a cabin with a boy cuz there was an odd number of boys and girls so i shared with Tyler. He apologized and i forgave him IF he would help me take a shower the next morning.