Back form my dayliy walk


i go to take his boxers off with my teeath (him) no no no bad girl ... (him)stand up ...so i do . B/c i want to plz my master . he bends me over my desk...puts two cups filled with bl

Mariel's North sea crossing, sharing a cabin


I was offered a share, but I was warned that it was not company policy, so there would be no formal agreement from the shipping company.I reluctantly accepted, only to find out later, that the booking

Bad girl Jade more shed fun with the chav lads


Anyway this meant I was not able to get my usual chav lad fix. However I was determined to get fucked off their bad cocks. They knew where I lived and knew it would be a matter of time before they cam

new boyfriend and first sex with him


The other day after the "toilet incident" I met the guy again. I had white leg warmers, a schoolgirl skirt (I wear these as much as I can), a black tank-top, and a gray hoodie. I heard a voice behind

My sister Stacey's panties

Big Tits

Stacey was what I thought to be pretty average looking. She always wore jeans that were loose enough to not anything off, but not loose enough to be called baggy and always wore conservative shirts ne

Rachel: Fire & Innocence -Pt.4- An Electric Fa

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The smell of fresh toast and frying bacon aroused me from my deep slumber. I looked over at Rachel, her legs still tangled up with mine under the blankets. If it was possible, she looked even more a

Porta Potty - An Adult Story


hot near the lake and I now had to use the bathroom very badly. Ihad to really take a piss. I scanned the park and saw some portabletoilets near some trees at the edge of the park. It was still earlya

Mother in law in the shower


I rung the bell and got no answer, i guessed she was out the back gardening so i had my own key and let myself in. I walked through to the back garden and still no sign of her so i went into the loung

Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

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Friday afternoon, Prinz left his office earlier than usual and drovewith apprehension to his beach house. He had consented, finally, to thesuggested "party," and though he was looking forward to obser

Helen's Big Black Cock


Sex with Helen is urgent, she demands cum almost as soon as she has cock inside her. Helen admits to loving cock, and has had numerous lovers over the years. Since we met, I have introduced her to a

Against my will


I was confused as I woke up. I wasn't in an unfamiliar room. Shaking my head to try and clear the fog I tried to sit up but I couldnt. Looking down I saw my arms and legs were tied to the bed and I wa

Katie my teen dream.


Back in 2007 my partner Jenny and I got our own house in a quiet rural village, I worked but she didn't and this caused a lot of financial stresses, these stresses quickly turned in to frequent argume

Over me


While I enjoy myself, besides, Hanna sits and watches, sometimes she does photos, she never reaches in the events.Always I hear when she comes, because she comes loudly. She wants that I hear them, be

Movie With My Girl Neha


I can’t express she was totally wet and my dick also showered some pre cum drops we played this game the whole time till the movie ended. I still remember the name of the movie it was “traffic signal”

Would you like to hear about my weekend?


So I was coming home from a very long day at the office. It had just been a shit day. I had just walked in to my apartment and taken off my suit coat. As usual I pulled my gun off my belt along with m

I hate Menards!! But not today!


I decided to wear a shorter skirt and blouse for the trip. I like wearing that sort of thing to 'guy' places because I like the feeling of eyes on me. We got there and the list began. My husband was t


Big Ass

During the first couple days on her makeshift raft, she had been able to stay alert and awake. Now, it was nearly impossible to keep her eyes open. She drifted in and out of sleep, finding that each t



I love the way you look at me I feel the pain you place insideI need to feel youYou need to feel me i feel the hate you place insidei need to get your voice out of my head, I think you know all of th

Just a lil chatroulette log....


Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.You: you likeYou: ?Stranger: mmm yesYou: want me to cum for youStranger: yes

Busted with Donna's Panties


One day when I was around sixteen I found a pair of Donna’s panties on the bathroom floor. They were silky and soft, and when I brought them to my cheek I couldn’t help but smell the most wonderful sc

I was Turned

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One night I went out looking for a prostitute to fuck and met this hot looking girl with very short shorts and a halter. She also had a nice six-pack. She was very athletic looking. She was a short

Ruining Ron


“Jesus H. Christ, don’t you ever knock?” Ron grumbled.I had walked into his bedroom to find my housemate and co-worker having a little before-dinner wank. Our wives were downstairs, and I’d been at my

School Reunion-The Cam Shag

Girl Masturbating

One week ago I got a letter from my high school saying a class reunion was being held. This was great news for me as my year had all these hot girls in, some of which I did fuck but I'd like to get th

My Mums friends Panties.


When i was 14-15 years old i had realised my penis wasnt just there for pissing out of. I masturbated a lot Just walking down the road and seeing a woman would get my trouser snake twitching.I had a m

My Dirtiest Teen Night Part 1

High School

All 'daring do' stuff for a girl discovering the delights of full intercourse from a huge range of differing penises, but out of that mix, I settled for short but fat, with a capital 'F'As a young, we

my boyfriends monster dick

Beach Sex

Ur dick in me and don't stop". I'm yelling at the top of my lungs now" DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP,ur dick is huge. I'm , I'm . And then I came .I felt his load shoot up me.I'm breathing really hard now. H

Meeting John


I heard a knock on my door, and quickly went to answer it. I welcomed John into my apartment after exchanging quick pleasantries I led him over to the couch and offered him a drink. We both sat there