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waters run off, and form a stream down the Valley of the k**ron. This spot is chosen by the peasants of Siloam as a threshingfloor for the grain which they collect in the neighbourhood. The mode of treading out the corn, as alluded to in Scripture, is represented in the engraving. Several oxen, being yoked abreast, revolve in a circle on a hard and level place chosen for the purpose, guided by an Arab armed with a stick, while another, with pandora bracelets a rude sort of pitchfork, is occupied in tossing aside the straw. These rural occupations, with the groups of tiffany jewelry peasants seated among the corn, the ruined well, and bare rocky hills thinly dotted with olive-trees, composed a picture very characteristic of Tiffany outlet Palestine. It would appear that this area, watered doubly by the irrigation from Siloam Nike outlet and from this well, and still the most fertile about the city, was originally the site of the " King's Gardens,".where Adonijah gave a feast to his friends to engage them in his treasonable conspiracy. The well appears to have been filled up and lost, and again reopened more than once, according to a story quoted by Mr. Williams from the continuator of William of Tyre. He says, that" in the first year of King Baldwin IV., A.D. 1182, during a terrible drought in Jerusalem, a benevolent inhabitant, discount pandora jewelry one Germanus, had supplied the thirsty inhabitants from some private reservoirs. These becoming exhausted, he bethought himself of an old well, Said to exist near the Fountain of Siloam, but then filled up.