College Days

I returned, as usual at a few minutes after eight thirty. Holly was already showered and nearly ready. When I stepped in the door I could hear her in the bathroom. I went to the dresser pulling out both vibrators. I sat on the bed waiting. After a moment Holly emerged from the bathroom, from the waist up presentable, from the waist down nude. She smiled and walked quickly to the bed where she went to the same spot I was earlier, switching positions. I turned on the little pink vibrator and handed it to her. She went to work on her clit. I went to work with the small white vibrator, in and out of her pussy slowly, her pussy lips hugging it as it receded, and squeezing it as it entered. She was very wet, and moaning throughout the whole process. After a few minutes, the vibrators were removed, and I went to work with my mouth, tonguing and licker prodding sucking massaging, her clit and lips. I would finger fuck her with my right index finger, getting it good and wet, before putting it In her ass gently, adding to the pleasure. Her breath increased, arching her back. Ohhhh John, eat that pussy, ohh, eat me. She said. I would moan into her pussy, which she tells me makes chills run up her back. She was noticeably trembling. She started screaming as hot sweet juices ran out of her pussy, she took a minute to collect her thoughts, as she dressed, and then we shared a passionate kiss before she left. I sat at my desk working on my homework from my early class. I didn’t have another class for half an hour.At Eleven I met Holly for lunch, as usual, we ate in the dorm cafeteria, discussing our various classes. She would tell me about her professors and about Stephanie’s latest boyfriend. After lunch we went to Holly’s dorm, where she maintained a small presence. Holly now mostly lived in my apartment; she had long since had her own set of keys, and closet space, toiletries in the bathroom and so on and so forth. We entered her dorm room, where Stephanie was on her bed doing what she called studying which entailed reading her books while massaging her pussy with her vibrator. Stephanie was completely naked face down on her bed reading and masturbating. Hi Steph Holly said, Hey Steph I said. Stephanie had a nasty streak of fucking one guy for a week before moving on to the next one, she enjoyed the hunt I think. I should charge you guys for the show you get everyday, for free Stephanie said. I think you just want us to notice you: I said. Ya us, and Brad, Tom, Craig, Jeremy, umm who was it last week Holly said. Which one? Joe or Jeff? Stephanie replied, still massaging herself. Girl you need to find one good one and stick with him I said, imitating Holly’s voice as best I could, which wasn’t well. Stephanie laughed. Hes right you know Holly said. Holly was undressing, I had already taken off my shirt. Holly’s nice round tits hung from her chest poking the air, they look aerodynamic, and you wonder why fast cars are sexy. Holly got on top of me, pushing me back onto her bed; Shedding clothes left and right, pants panties, boxers, socks flying away. We were kissing passionately mouths locked together, tongues exploring the others mouth. My hands were on her nice round ass. She sat up and guided her pussy over my hardening cock. This she liked to call cowgirl style. She was on top, she pushed her pussy down on my cock, grinding our hips together, pubic hair tangling together. She started to lift herself up and down on my cock, impaling her slit. Then she would lay flat on top of me, cock still in her, and she would gyrate her hips, rotating them. I just held onto her ass. We were a mess of sweaty arms, breasts and mouths, as our special areas merged into one, sending pleasure waves through both of us, Our moaning and screaming, disturbing Stephanie. Ohhh,uhh Ohhh, uhhOhhh Holly would moan. Fuck me, ohh fuck me ohh JOHN Fuck me she would command. She was humping down and I was humping up to match her, our bodies meeting slapping together. This usually set off Stephanie first, since she was already aroused, and the show we put on put her over the edge. Her screams drowned out by Holly’s. When Stephanie finished up, we were just climaxing. Stephanie dressed. Well thanks for the show, I’ll be going now Stephanie said as she left. When we calmed down from our own separate orgasms, simply enjoying holding each other in our arms, my cock still inside her, she lay her head down on my chest, her hair on my cheek. We lay there breathing slowly collecting ourselves, enjoying the warm body, full body contact was a pleasure in itself. She needs a good fucking Holly said. She finds a new guy a week and fucks him, but none of them know what they’re doing, and she doesn’t keep them around long enough to learn. I was lucky to find a guy like you. She said. Are you saying you want me to fuck her? I asked . teashing. If you don’t mind she said semi sarcastically. I could see this would eventually lead somewhere; But for now, more classes and redressing to do.After we became presentable again we left, walking hand in hand as our net classes were in neighboring buildings. Holly had made a game of guess her cup size. So whenever we walked together anywhere we would both guess the cup size of the girls we saw. She was better than me. Some games would result in somewhat heated debate as we both had strong feelings about our answers, and from there the only thing we could do was ask the girl, so of course, Holly would walk up and ask the girl her cup size. It had created some funny and some embarrassing moments. But on ordinary days we would keep our game to ourselves, as was the case on this day. When we got to my building we said our goodbyes, kissed briefly, and went on our ways. We have both found that after a fucking like that, you fell no sexual desire or distractions whatsoever, for a few hours. My class is longer than hers, so she is gone by the time I get out. She usually goes back to her dorm and works on some homework, or goes out with Stephanie and some of their friends. So I leave campus and go to my apartment, and fix myself dinner. After I finish eating I watch some espn and wait for my woman to return. She really was a woman now, she had turned 19 a few weeks ago, I wanted to have some celebration festivities but her parents had had their own plans. I didn’t hear her car pull up. Holly opened the door and walked in, sitting next to me on the couch. Some days we are too tired to have any more sex, but today as is most, we were still very horny. Maybe we wouldn’t be so horny if we didn’t have the periods of time between encounters, where we had the anticipation of the next encounter. So what’d you guys do? I asked. We went and ate with the girls, talked about some things, wink wink Holly said. What does that mean I asked. You’ll see She responded. She was very horny, her nipples were poking through her bra and blouse. Holly got down on her knees, pulling her shirt off. She unzipped my pants, stroking my limp cock, then sucking it gently. She did just enough to get me hard. ok I think im ready I said. She stood up , pulling me with her. I pulled my shirt up over my head, and pulled off my jeans and boxers, that had been around my ankles. Meanwhile, Holly had removed her bra and jeans, leaving only her panties. I got down on my knees, pulling her white panties down over her hips, exposing her short pubic hair ,then her pussy. She was already wet. I lapped up and down a few times, then sucked on her clit massaging with my tongue, while she played with her tits. Then I stood up, face to face, we kissed, lips open tongues lapping at each other, like a dance, tongues in the air. Holly turned around facing away from me, bent over bracing herself by putting her hands on my desk. She was bent over, pussy exposed through her beautiful ass cheeks. She was so hot. I moved forward and her hands were behind her ass grabbing for my cock, which she took and put at the entrance to her slit. Then she pushed back, and I pushed forward, plunging my throbbing cock deep into her pussy, we slowly increased pace she pushed back, I humped and thrusted forward, from a slow in and out penetration, to an all out full speed fucking. My hips slapping her ass, with a thwack, over and over. She was moaning in unison with the fucking, her high pitched, oh oh oh oh”. I’m cuuummmmmming she screamed. Her pussy spouting juices all over my cock. But I did not stop. I stood her up, cock still inside her, hugging her, hands massaging her nipples, kissing the back of her neck. I helped her down, she was now on her knee's, hands on the ground , ass in the air. I was fucking her as hard as I could, her ass smacking my hips over and over, her ass was bright red, her high pitched moans continued. She came again, her pussy contracting and milking my throbbing cock, it sent me over the edge shooting deep into her slit. We collapsed to the ground. Ohhh, John that was amazing Holly said. Holly your so beautiful. I said, staring into her eyes. There was something about this woman, she was sexy doing anything. Here she was sweaty and leaking juices, hair messed up, sweat running all over her body. Yet she glowed with beauty in my eyes. Still laying on the carpet, I reached forward, taking one nipple into my mouth, sucking on it. I sucked on it for minutes, just sucking and sucking. She closed her eyes, gently moaning. After a while of laying there I thought we were about to get up and re dress. She suddenly opened her eyes, looked at me and said Want to go again? she said. My cock twitched just from her saying that. We went back to the couch. I laid down, and she got on me, sixty-nine style. I ate her pussy, with her juices mixed with my cum running down her legs and inside of her. I worked on her clit, and her labia, as she deepthroated my hard cock. We stayed in this position, pleasing one another, until we were spent. We slipped back into bed, our bodies wrapped together in a tight hug that would loosen as we fell into slumber, before we awoke for the new day, and before we would rise for another typical day, just like the one before, and the one after.