Day Dreaming

Day DreamingI lean against the wall, ankles crossed and hands shoved deep in my jeans pockets. My short cropped auburn hair shines softly in the light as I take one hand and run it through the soft tresses. I've found of late that I need to fuck, but since I have no partner I often end up just pacing the room day dreaming of fucking. Just these thoughts draw my nipples tight under the cotton of my t-shirt and with a soft laugh I run a palm over first one and then the other before shoving the hand back in my pocket.I wander across the room flinging off the jacket and popping my feet from my sandals until it's simply blue jeans and a t-shirt. I stop with my face to the brick wall and raise my arms up over my head and spread. I can feel the roughness prick at my nipples and I can't help but rub softly against the brick.In my mind I can feel him, laughing as I realize he doesn't even have a face in my mind, but I can feel him pressing against me. His hands lock on my wrists and pull my arms up tighter and I simply surrender and relax under his hands.I feel the bulge in his pants begin to grind against my ass and I resist the urge to grind back, instead I let him whisper softly of fucking in my ear as I feel him begin to relax his hold on me.As his breath tickles my neck I turn suddenly catching him by surprise as his hands pop loose from my wrists. I walk slowly away from him my brown eyes twinkling as I look from his face to his crotch and back to his face “Hard Darling?”He scowls at this unexpected turn but being the man he is he would never do anything to hurt me, not raise a hand or force me into anything.I grasp the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head laughing as I hear him suck in his breath. No bra will do that to some men. He's one of them. He walks towards me but I scoot off to the side of him and walk behind the bar “Beer Darling?”I pull two local brews from the 'fridge and pop the cap off both holding one out to him.Since he isn't responding I simply set his beer on the counter and take a long draw from mine. Neither of us really drinks but some nights just call for one really cold beer and tonight is one. Drops bead and drip from the side of the bottle and as I tip it up yet again I feel one drop off and hang perfectly from the very tip of one nipple. I smile to myself knowing the picture this forms in his eyes and damn the fact that he doesn't have his camera.Reaching down I undo the button of my jeans and unzip them about half way showing the bright white of cotton panties. I've never been one for fancy under things and there is something about bright white against smooth stomach flesh that looks so clean and sexy.I sense rather than hear him come behind me and I whirl quickly before his hand reaches its target...the back of my neck. I dance away from him as he growls this tiny noise deep in his throat“No Darling. Not yet.”I plop down in an over stuffed chair and dangle my legs over the arm. One last draw off my beer and it's empty.“Remember those rumors in school Darling? The ones of the sluts that would fuck with bottles?”I watch his eyes grow dark as I slide the bottle between my jean clad thighs.I raise my hips slowly as I lock eyes with him, rubbing myself shamelessly on the round hard glass. My other hand strays to a breast, cupping and gently squeezing it as I watch his hand move to his jeans.I break the eye contact with him and lean my head back and close my eyes, one hand still on my breast and the other holding the beer bottle firmly against my cunt.“I don't think Darling this is what was meant but it does feel so good. Curved and Hard.”I hump the bottle like a horny brat knowing that his cock is by now as hard as the bottle.I again sense movement and quickly hit the bottle against the wall holding the savage end up in the air in his direction. His smile is a dangerous smile and the bulge in his jeans has reached the limits. My brown eyes darken as I hold the bottle in one hand and push my jeans off my hips with the other, my smile becoming dangerous as well.“Darling you have to wait”I hear that deep growl again and his only real answer is to open his jeans and draw out the hard velvet steel one fist wrapping around it as tightly as my hand is wrapped around the neck of the beer bottle. I tug my jeans and panties to my ankles and step out of them as he watches. My look goes from eyes to cock and back to eyes.“Yes Darling you have to wait.”Moving back to the chair this time I straddle the stuffed arm instead of sitting in the seat. My hips begin to move as I rock against the soft texture of the fabric. I have yet to remove my eyes from his again but I can hear his hand on his cock and so I know that he is paying attention. “Darling, I hope you don't mind that I'm getting the arm of your chair so wet, but I'm sure you understand.”This is met with an explosive laugh from him and with that I turn so my spread legs expose my cunt to him. My fingers dance through my pubic hair as I hear that intake of breath again. I see him begin to take a step towards me and I again hold up the broken bottle and with that he stops.I miss the round hardness of the bottle between my legs but my fingers dance and seek through the wet folds. My hips rise in time to an unknown drum as I press and circle my clit. I can see that he's moving closer but this time I pretend I haven't noticed. I want to see his hand moving over his cock. I want to hear the sound of skin on skin.“Soon Darling Soon.”It's crooned to him as his hips begin to thrust his cock through his fist and my hips jam up to my fingers. I still have the beer bottle wrapped tightly in my fist though it is less of a threat, as if it ever really was, now than before. He damns the day I cut off my long curls to this short crop I have now but again as I look at him through lowered lashes I know that it just makes things more interesting. No more reaching a quick hand out during these hunts for each other to make me do anything by grabbing a fist of hair. Now it's a more even playing field.He's forgotten again why it is I strip on nights like tonight. It isn't only for the erotic value and he'll remember in just a moment.In one movement my hand that has been clutching the beer bottle raises up and just before the jagged glass would touch him it's dropped. But my hand continues and is quickly wrapped in the front of his shirt.Yet again he's taken by surprise and I have little difficulty pulling him down onto the chair and rolling out from under him. I straddle his jean clad butt forcing him face down into the cushions.“Oh Darling look who's on top!”He mutters something I can't understand and I simply grind against the seam in the back of his jeans. My clit is so engorged that even this tiny bump in the fabric is enough. I whisper dirty talk in his ear as I hump his butt. I can see just a touch of a smile playing on the corner of his mouth............© BJG 2003