Fairytale Adventures Ch.4 Not so Little Red Riding

The next morning she awoke to musical humming... Bolting awake and sitting upright, Kristen found herself facing a beautiful brunette wearing a jumper much like her own, except that it was red and still had a blouse. The young woman was about her age and was also wearing a short red cloak with a hood, and she was picking the flowers not 2 feet away from Kristen."Good morning," the brunette smiled at Kristen, "I'm glad you finally woke up, I've been so curious about you ever since I stumbled across you this morning!""Oh," said Kristen, feeling at a loss for words. The brunette was as beautiful as Goldilocks, deep brown hair and eyes with a full bosom, lips that were as red as the clothes she was wearing, and long tanned legs that were barely covered by the full - but short - skirt."Everyone calls me Red," The brunette said cheerfully, "What's your name?""Kristen..." Red scooted closer as Kristen covered her breasts tighter with her arms... she knew that she was already getting excited at having this beautiful young woman in front of her, especially when Red looked so interested in her. But Kristen still hadn't gotten used to the whole lesbian thing, and she was desperately afraid that Red was her next rendevous. "Pretty name," chirped Red, but she was already starting to eye Kristen's mostly naked body up and down, making Kristen feel both anxious and aroused. Then Red leaned forward, her bright red lips touching Kristen's own, and arousal took over Kristen's body."Oh my..." moaned Kristen as Red's lips traveled down her neck, her hands went to Red's neck, pulling off the short red cape and suddenly she realized, "You're Little Red Riding Hood!""Well, not so little anymore," Red smiled as her lips sucked one of Kristen's pert nipples between them.Kristen moaned, her own hands moving as if they had their own brain attached, helping Red out of her clothes as she caressed Kristen's body. Red was gorgeous, her body dusky and tanned all over, and she was much more aggressive than even Goldilocks had been! Pulling Kristen onto her lap, Red immediately pressed two fingers into Kristen's pussy, working them in and out as she sucked on Kristen's nipples. Moaning and running her hands through Red's hair, Kristen rode the other girl's fingers, humping as if they were a dick. Red began pushing a third finger into Kristen's body and Kristen wriggled with excitement."Oh God that feels good," Kristen let her head fall back, her breasts thrusting into Red's face."Do you want to cum?" asked Red, her three fingers ramming into Kristen's pussy with force."Yes..." Kristen said, "Yes PLEASE..."To her dismay, Red pushed Kristen off of her and lay down with her legs spread. Smiling at Kristen's disappointed expression Red told her, "Ladies cum before sluts... now eat me and I'll let you cum."Although Kristen wanted to be disgusted, she found that she was much more interested in sliding her tongue between Red's pussy lips than she would have ever thought possible. Maybe it was just that her first experience with Goldilocks had been incredibly erotic, or maybe she was just tired of dick... but Kristen found herself eagerly falling between Red's spread thighs. Her lips found Red's pussy, and she began to lick and suck.It was very different than Goldilocks' pussy, it tasted heavier, muskier... not as delicate. It occurred to Kristen that she was eating a woman out without any thought to it, and enjoying herself too... Sliding her tongue into Red's hole she felt incredible decadent as the girl moaned and her hands gripped Kristen's hair tightly.Sliding her arms around Red's thighs, Kristen reached up and began to play with her breasts, something that she remembered Goldilocks' doing to her. Red moaned as Kristen pinched her nipples, the randy slut gladly eating her out in return for a future orgasm. Kristen munched and sucked, her fingers twisting on Red's nipples... the other girl seemed to like it rougher.Then Red told her, "Lower... lick my ass you slut!"Hesitating for a moment, she was rewarded with a slap on the top of her head, "DO IT!"Kristen pushed her face lower, her tongue flicking out and touching Red's asshole. Red's hips jumped... it didn't taste bad anyway. Almost like Red's pussy, it definitely didn't smell or anything. Kristen found herself getting into licking Red's asshole, her tongue sliding between the two holes eagerly, feeling the energy coursing through the other girl as her orgasm grew.Knowing that once she got Red off she'd be rewarded with her own orgasm, Kristen's licking became frenzied, her fingers clamps on Red's nipples while she sucked and nibbled on Red's clit. Clutching Kristen's hair and shoving Kristen into her pussy, Red started to cum. Juices poured into Kristen's mouth as she licked frantically, knowing that her own fulfillment was near at hand.Finally Red's death grip on Kristen's hair loosened and her body relaxed. She allowed Kristen to come out of her muff, Kristen was gasping for breath."Good," purred Red, "That was very good." She sat up, "Now come here."Eagerly, Kristen climbed onto Red's lap again, her legs wrapping around Red's body. Red pushed three fingers into Kristen's needy pussy, biting down on Kristen's hard nipples as she began to pump in and out of the tight hole. Moaning, Kristen started riding her again, feeling Red's breasts push against her stomach, the fingers wriggling in her hole, and the taste of Red's pussy on her tongue.Her orgasm was nearing when Red forced a fourth finger into Kristen's hole, and then began shoving her whole hand in."OooooOOOOO GOOOOOOD!" Kristen screamed as her pussy was filled with Red's hand. She could feel the fingers curling inside of her, making a fist, and then the hand and forearm began moving back and forth inside her. It appalled her that her pussy was big enough to accommodate the abuse, and even more so that she was getting off on it.Red's hand moved back and forth forcefully in her body as Kristen started to cum violently, shaking and writhing on Red's lap. But Red didn't stop fisting her, and Kristen's orgasm went on and on and on, until she finally screamed with agonized ecstacy, her voice echoing throughout the woods, and she fainted from the force of it all.When Kristen awoke, she was totally naked but covered with the cloak. The tattered remains of her jumper corset was gone. It was afternoon. "I got her ready for you," she heard Red say and turned towards the sound of the voice. Kristen gasped as she saw a huge and vicious looking wolf licking her pussy juices off of Red's hand. The wolf was easily as big as Red herself.Then the huge a****l looked at her and she froze... she could swear it was grinning, and then it said, "Oh she looks VERY ready."Kristen felt like fainting again as she realized that the low growling voice had come from the wolf.