Honeymoon with my cousin

It was a hot sunny day, my school exams were over, we friends celebrated,danced& enjoyed ourselves.It was evening time when i reached home.To my surprise i found my cousin sister opening door.Jeniffer how come are u here? ,i said,where is my mom?, jennyrelax,my parents dropped me here & went with yours to enjoy weekend,she said.but........,i said. don't worry go and get fresh,she said.While i was taking shower i heard opening sound of my door,is that u jenny?yeah its me ,she saidAt the dining table i noticed her waiting for me in shorts and semis, she was gorgeous,had long legs ,brown eyes long hair ,one could see her tight breasts through her white cotton semis, one could also smell her fragrance even from a distance.She recently turned 21 & i was 17 at that time. What! c'mmon sit down ,i am hungry & by the way i am staying here with u tonight so i changed in ur room is that ok ? can a s*s not share a bedroom with her b*o?well its fine Jenny,its just that i have never saw u in shorts.after a while , where have they(parents) gone. i don't know exactly but i heard my dad on phone he was planning abt second honeymoon -LAUGHS-(TO BE CONTD)