inside of her PT 1

direction all the lights were off from the power outtage as i heard a boltof lighting strike there was a knock at the door itgot louder as i went 2 it i got to the peephole and asked who is it . i heard a soft voice say hello hi im stranded out here, my car failed me, and it wont start. thats when i replied give me a sec i dont have any cloths on i have to get dressed she replied alright nowe im franticly running trying to clean up the place her voice sounded nice and pleasent and first impressions is always important you dont get a second one so as im raceing to get to the door i opened it and there she was a knock out im talking bout nice ass long legs thick carmel skinned princess with a chest to match so i asked her to come in and if she needed to use my cell phone she said yes but, first do you have a towel ? so i can dry off i said sure let me go grab it off i went to grab the towel from my bathroom upstairs when i returned the lights were back on and i got a great look at her but the picture was quite different there she was standing like a golden goddess no cloths on just the shine from her naked wett body, nipples as hard as they could b as i gawked and stared she said im glad to see your impressed with the way my body looks at this time i could not even reply i was rock hard mouth wide open surprised she told me to relax and take a seat shehad something to show me so i sat down and she walked to the door and opened it im thinking is she giong to leave and as i started to say something she let three more sexy ass woman in all with nice bodys and chest to match i literally thought i died and went to heaven they all began to kiss i could she one othere snatch spreadwide open and it was filled with white secretions almost like she was already cumming that turned to full throttle i hopped into the sea of woman and began havingmy way with each one taking things nice and slow i was deep inside of her when she started to moan furously she came all over meall over my couch my pant my floor my dick was dripping with the pussy juice sheleft on me from connecting i turned around to talk to her to aleast get to know her nameimprotant things like that she told me she would answer all the Qs in the morning so i closed my eyeswith allthe woman huddled around me and when i woke the next morning they were all gone what happend to them thats all i could think about were did all that fine ass go i was puzzled TO BE CONTINUED