inside of her pt2

i heard a faint knock at the door i came from the kitchen area to yell im coming and when i got to the door there she was but she looked differnt sexy but defentily some thing had changed i could not figure out what it was but she was def....different she greeted me with that voice it was so sexy and soft just to here her talk would make you stiffer than a rock she asked me if i wanted her to ivite her friends again i said sure why not she lead them in by waving her middle finger intresting i thouht she told them to line up one by one and strip and they did as she requested and when they took off there cloths there was defintly some thiong i didnt realize the first time as a matter of fact there was something very different about the woman i had such fun with the perfect shaped assess and tits i couldnt belive what i was seeing TO BE CONTINUED