My friends wife, the start of an affair.

“I really fancy you!” she said, “ you know he dosen’t fuck me since I had our daughter!” She continued. “Will you fuck me?” “ PLEASE?” Her pleading seamed to be real desparation, almost like begging. As her hand pushed inside my trousers and she grabbed my cock. “Hold on Jane! What about Ian?” was my reply. “ Come on you know he wont fuck me, he will be to pissed!” was all she said as she relised my belt and pulled down my trousers and boxers in one movement, as my erecting cock sprang into her full view. “WOW!” she said as she saw me for the first time. “How do you hide that in there?” “ I knew you where Big from what Gill had told me, but that’s enormouse!” With out another word she pulled back my foreskin and licked her tounge around the helmet of my cock as she licked the pre-cum from my knob then swollowed the whole lenght down her throat untill my balls where banging on her chin. She deep throated my hard veiny shaft covering me with her saliva as she sucked my swelling cock. There was going to be no messing about she just wanted to be fucked, as she was crouched sucking me off, I looked down and saw her huge tit’s just straining to be relised. I stopped her and made her stand up infront of me. As I removed her coat and looked at her standing there in the lights from the street , she was wareing this wrap around dress that just tyed together, as I undid it and pulled it open she stood there in her Lacy Bra and panties with a matching Suspender belt and Stockings with her black shoes. I removed my jacket and placed it on the floor with my jacket, then taking her by the hand I laid her down and removed her panties. I then berried my face into her big wet clam as I sucked her pussy lips. The smell of her cunt in my nostrals as I tasted her cum on my tounge as I probbed it inside her slit, licking at her juices, she had the biggers cunt I had ever seen I slid 4 fingers straight up her, with in no time my whole hand was in there as she came on my fingers. Then she spoke, “ Fuck me please, put you cock in me.” I explained I had no condoms and she replyed, “I don’t care, I want you to fuck me! Just give me that cock of yours!” So with out being asked again I mounted my friends Wife and as I possitioned my knob at her entrance coating my cock head with her cunt juices as I raised up on my toes and hands only my cock was touching her as I slowly pushed forward and slid into her wet, warm and willing cunt for the first time. My cock was the perfect fit in this large Lady, I had no problem entering her, unlike some of the other women I had fucked before. As my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks and I layed on top of her placing my hands around her and unclasping her bra, as I pulled it off to see her tit’s, her huge nipples where like saucers as I clamped my mouth on one of them and slowly pulled my cock shaft out a bit, then plouing it back inside her as I gave her a very slow fuck it felt like she had pissed her self as she was so wet. Then I started to speed up she was moaning so loud that I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle the noise she was begining to make. There where other people walking homeand as I fucked her we could hear them just the other side of the wall. The thrill of some one catching us was so exciting it was like eletric shocks going throu both our bodies. I picked up her panties and stuffed them in her mouth as her whole body shook with her orgasam, her legs clamped onto me like a vice gripping me in place as I erupted like a volcano, pumping my think white firtile sperm right up inside her unprotected married cunt. Filling her with all my cum, I just held my cock inplace as she shook so violently bucking like a mule as we embraced each other, this was just the start as there was no way I was going to pullout of her. She started to tell me how her husband had not fucked her for 4 years. She had not had sex with any one since her daughter was born. So as we herd the people walking away in to the distance I started to fuck her some more, my cock was still as hard as when we had started and I always last longer after I have cum the first time, so I raised up on my arms and looking down at her she felt my cock pushing deep and hard into her open cunt, as we fucked and could see her huge tit’s wobble at the vibration of my cock slamming into her, her belly wobbled and her fleshy thighs slapped against mine as I balls slammed onto her bum cheeks. I with drew from her and rolled her over she got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air as I mounted her in the doggy possition I drilled her cunt like I was drilling for oil, she gushed and flooded our coats with her and my mixed cum as it dripped out of her as I plunged my cock deeper inside her. In this position she told me I felt even bigger as she was not use to having other possitions, Her hubby only fucked her in the missionary. She was feeling so horny and as I pulled out of her and laid on the coats I told her it was her turn to fuck me. As I watched her stocking clad legs as she squatted over me and taking my cock in her hand she fed my knob back into her wet slit. Her lips where swollen and looked like a clam ready to clamp it’s self onto some pray! I just lay back and watched her fuck my cock, she rode me hard and looked like a real slut as my cock pumped into her and our juices dripped from her soiled cunt. I could not take much more of this as she fucked so hard on my cock, I rolled her over on to her back with my cock still deep in her. Then as I started to fuck her even harder with her moaning so loud, I had to slience her as we herd the door of the Pub being opened and voices as her Husband came out with a couple of others, her eyes went wide as she realised it was her husband and we just laid there sillent with her cunt muscles clamping onto me as she felt a mixture of fear, excitement and arosal, she was causing my cock to twitch and pulsate as I filled her with another load of think cum. As we herd the footsteps cross the road towards us she was nearly freaking out as her husband came closer then he was on the pavment the other side of the wall from us. Hear I was with my hard bare cock planted deep inside his wifes willing unfaithful and unprotacted cunt which was full of my baby batter, this was running out of her and down the crack of her ass. The fear of him catching us was so intence and the excitement had me swelling harder in her pussy, this was so erotic that she had to force her firt into her own mouth to shut her self up. Then with out realising it he carried on walking up the road chatting with the others from the pub, She came on my shaft with a shuddering orgasam and I shot another load up her. We just could not speek as we both held on to each other, as we listened to others walking past the feeling of any of them looking over the wall and seeing us in this position was one of the biggest turn on’s that I have ever had we continued to fuck and after a while wondering what the time was we where shocked to find out it was nearly 5am we had been fucking since 2am and her hubby must have wondered what had happened to her. As we dressed and then I walked her up the road, she told me to go home as I lived in the opposite direction and she would see me tomorrow as she was not sure if her hubby was home yet and she didn’t want him to find us together. So I left her at the bridge and watched as she made her way home. That was the start of a 15 year affair we had she became my Fuck buddy and her hubby never found out. I some times wondered if he knew as we always fucked bare back and I always sent her home to him with a belly full of cum. I never got her pregnant even thou I filled her with my cum every time. I often wondered if he fucked her when she got home or licked my cum out of her pussy, but if he did know then he never let on, I fucked Jane in so many differant places, loved fucking her in the open air, we finished a couple of years ago when she had her menapause she went right of sex. I have so many happy memories of fucking her that i will share with you, but I will tell you more next time!