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I asked her how much she was going to charge, and what she was willing to do. she told me that it was entirely up to me.We arrived at the bar, it was packed with drunks, most of the men looked at my wife as she passed. we chose a small table in the corner. i left her alone while i went to get drinks. when i came back to the table, one of the guys that i had seen in the washroom earlier was talking to her. He jumped with surprise as he saw me sit down, he apologized and i told him it was okay, and if he would like to join us. They flirted a bit, my wife seemed to be into him, she winked at me and excused herself to the washroom. The guy was a bit drunk still, i asked him if he liked her, he nodded and tried not to look too enthusiastic, i smiled and i asked him if he would like to fuck her. He choked on his drink a bit, and said excuse me. i explained to him that she was a whore, and i was her sponsor. he asked how much, i told him it was dependent on what he wanted to do. he said, that he would like a blow job and sex. Going by her old rates, i figured that for a blow and sex it would be roughly four hundred, i told him and he responded that the price was high, i asked how much the locals were charging and he said about two hundred. we eventually settled on three hundred for an hour.My wife came back to the table, she had drinks in her hands, a few men at the bar stared at her, she had a small hickey on her neck. she handed out the drinks and told her we were ready. we finished our drinks and we went back to the room. My wife went in first, i stopped our new friend outside and collected the fee. i let him in and told him to sit on the bed, i explained to him that for safety reasons i would have to stay in the room with them, he was fine with it. I pulled my wife aside and told her that he wanted a blow job and sex, i asked her if she was sure. she said she didn't know, that she was nervous, i told her the guy had already paid, but i could tell him to leave if she wanted. she took a deep breath and said - well, if he paid.I handed her the condoms. she walked over to her client, she pushed him back on the bed and undid his pants. he was going comando and was a little sweaty, she paused for a bit, but then she just grabbed his cock and started stroking it. as he moaned and leaned back, she ripped the condom packet and put the condom in her mouth. she put the condom on his cock with her mouth, she slowly shoved the guy's eight inch cock balls deep, she pulled it out, and shoved it back in, she gagged as she got it all in.My wife is a fair cocksucker, to be honest i have gotten better, but maybe because she was paid to suck cock, she put much more effort into it. The guy came in no time. She massaged his balls as she took off the used condom she tied it and threw it on the floor. she got the other condom and put it on the same way as the first. She hiked up her skirt revealing her smoothly shaved pussy, her pussy juices were dripping down her inner thigh. She straddled him as she lowered her wet cunt onto his dick, she put in the tip slowly, and lowered herself onto his cock. I couldn't believe it my wife was fucking a stranger for money, she was officially a whore.She rode him, first slowly, them faster and faster, the guy was into it but was fairly inactive, he came quickly and passed out. my wife looked a little disapointed, she got off and said - oh no!i didn't notice at first, but the guy's condom had broken. she looked down at her pussy, his cum was starting to drip out. she looked scared, but i didn't want her to break character, and neither did i. I told her it was okay, that cum in her pussy was okay by me if she liked it. she nodded, and i was very surprised when i said maybe you shouldn't use condom at all. She pretented to be shocked and i could tell she was into it. she tried to protest, but i told her as a whore, she didn't have a choice. She held me close and kissed me, when she let go she said she was going to clean up. i told her to hold on. i woke up the guy and told him his hour was up. he thanked her and tried to convince her for another go. she said no and sent him on his way. NOw i thought that it was going to be a one time thing, but then she asked me if she was allowed to clean up before her next client. Without missing a beat, i told her no, that a whore like her needs to have cum in her pussy and that she needs to do what she is told or else she would be punished.She got more turned on the more i treated her like a whore.We left for the bar again. on our way there we ran into the man that had given my wife the hickey. he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close, he asked her if she was availible, she turned to me and said, - asked him, his my handler.I nodded and we walked back to the room, again we followed the same proceedure, i told the guy, who was much older than the last, about 50, and far less drunk. i asked what he wanted and he just handed me about one thousand dollars and said he wanted to get his money's worth. i knew that this was going to be much wilder than the one before. I called my wife aside and told her that he had paid me a grand, her eyes went wide, and said - what is he expecting?i told her that he wanted to get his money's worth, she looked at me and asked what that meant, i told her to do what she did for the other guy that paid her a grand. She looked worried, and said, - are you sure?I told her why not, and she responded, - because the guy had done some nasty shit to her, and he had her for the night. i told her that she had to do what he asked.HE asked her how many men had she had already, she said, - three, you're only my second tonight. he sat on the bed and told her to bend over his knees. HE RUBBED HER ASS and shoved three fingers in her pussy. 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Wow. one day of whoring, and she already had a regular that wanted to gangbang her, he handed me an envelope and told me that he wanted to have her for the day, i tried to tell him that the boys next door wanted in today, but he just said the more the merrier. i thought that this lie was going to get us off the hook, but it turned the dirty old man on more. he actually told me to get the boys next door now, he even gave me an extra grand, on top of the two he had already given me for the day. i went next door and got the boys to come over, when we reached the room, the three men were all over my wife, they were fucking a hole each and she wasn't even fully awake. she looked like a dirty slut, she had dried cum at the corners of her mouth while taking care of three men a t a time. 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