Our Own Show

"Oh! I'm cumming," s/he shouted.That caused a chain reaction. Francesca splashed me on one side while Zaza got me on the other.************************************************************************"Fuck!' shouted Nick in frustration. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!""I'm OK!" I assured Dennis. "Now what do we do?" asked Zaza.And with that one of Gigi's favorite movies popped into my head."Come on everybody! It's like what Judy Garland always said to Mickey Rooney.'We can do our own show!'"You would have thought I'd grown two heads with the way they all were looking at me.I took both of Dennis' hands and looked him straight in the eye. "It's time youshow everyone what you know.""But we already have Hank playing the Hammer Man", he protested.Bella came over over to put make up on Dennis' face. "Look how many people haveplayed James Bond. We can have more than one Hammer Man."Dennis grabbed his big boner. "I like my cock shaken not stirred.""What do you think about that, Nick?" asked Bella.Nick rubbed his eyes and let out a long sigh. "What the hell. We've nothing to lose.""OK, places everybody!" called Bella. Before taking his place off set Dennis positioned the flying boom mic. he was working with. Dede was back on video while Jackie resumed her spot on photo.The four of us who were already on resumed our fuck positions. Now I see what the girls meant by how long they take to shoot. Thanks to the electrolysis I didn't have to shave again.Once again Zaza was banging away on Francesca while I got plugged by Nikki. If they wanted to there was plenty of live sound to use."Uh! Uh! Uh!""Puff! Grunt Puff!""Oh oh oh oh oh""Oh, yeah! oh yeah oh yeah!"Then Dennis as The Hammer Man made his debut. "What the hell is this happy horse shit!""Sorry Hammer." said Zaza sheepishly."S/he made us," added Nikki pointing to me."Then s/he can blow me!" Hammer ordered."Cut!" shouted Nick."What now!" cried Jackie."Your signature move, Jane," grinned Nick.Within moments The Hammer's big uncircumcised penis was covered with lip prints. Meanwhile Dennis played his part like a pro. He got blown by all four of us and then nailed each one of us up our ass pussy. We all got in a circle while The Hammer man shook his big stick up and down by our faces. Just before he blew his load Dennis shouted,"It's Hammer Time!"In seconds, Zaza, Francesca, Nikki and I had man paste all over our faces, and running down our necks. As soon as Dennis stopped I reached for the paper towels and towelettes under the bed."Grrls!" I called. "There's more! There's more!""Circle Jerk?" asked Nikki."oh yes!" agreed Francesca.Zaza was already in position and motioned for the other two to join hir. Dede moved her camera closer."Freestyle!" she said."Like a sporting event!" added Jackie.Bella quickly moved the lights to get rid of any shadows. Watching the three of them work in unison was like poetry in motion.Meanwhile I had plenty of motions myself. I was moving clockwise with a cock in each hand while deep throating a third.Nikki was the first to blow. S/he caught me square in the eye."Oh! I'm cumming," s/he shouted.That caused a chain reaction. Francesca splashed me on one side while Zaza got me on the other. Dede was on the floor looking up. Later they replayed it in slow motion as white droplets fell from their lady sticks."How you going to finish , Jane?" asked Francesca."Glad you brought that up," I replied wiping myself off yet again."Nick give me a three minute countdown!" I called.3:00 Doggie fuck2:00 Sideways1:00 Catcher position.0:00 All over Francesca's bee stings. S/he grabbed my stick and rubbed my cum all over hir chest.Hank was glaring at me from his dressing room. I held up two fingers in the shape of an "L" with my spooge still dripping from them. Then I wrote on Francesca's chest"R J" for Ready Jane."Nice" commented Dede.-Coming up "What to do for an encore"