Sex in the Supermaket

You see dear readers, what can flow through a womans mind, the symbolism and desire, not to mention why 'Up-skirt Cameras' show us without panties, wearing stocking, and a hint of moistness, along our entrances of expectation.In lay terms, most of us want a good fuck, and even in a simple everyday chore, like shopping can and does lead to an intimate moment of passionate lovemaking.Yesterday I went out for bread and finished up with a length of Bratwurst, coated in Bearnaise sauce, and a possible 'Bun in the Oven', as the end result of my dalliance with the later two products, yes in short my dear fellow wanker, I got fucked in the supermarket.As I pushed and thought, down those long lubricated isles, I became aware I was being ogled. A man in his late forties, quite short in stature, with a pot belly and unattractive face, not a Don Juan in any sense of the word, but words like Chancer and Lecher, would fit the bill, either way he had latched-on to me, and as I walked and stretched, bent and over-reached, he was watching my every move, savoring my climbing hemline and jutting breasts exposure, in short I was reeling him into my supermarket fantasy, making my sexual mind games, more realistic and giving this little fat pervert hope.Stopping in the fruit and veggie section I picked up a short fat cucumber and proceeded to grasp and fondle in a very sexual manner, utilizing my thumb and index finger in the classic 'circle of love', is if measuring girth, and proceeded unashamedly to push this Penis of carbohydrate substance into the tight ring formed by my fingers, and part both sets of lips, in sheer ecstasy.Looking directly at him and moistening my facial lips with my tongue, coated in copious amounts of warm saliva, I pushed the cucumber through my symbolic vaginal lips, formed by my long feminine fingers, and I watched him squirm as they parted, overcome by the girth and the length of this monster, opening my yielding fingers, sliding in deeper, and withdrawing equally slowly, culminating in half a dozen thrusts and spit running down my chin, as if someone had just given me a partial facial instead of pumping it into the back of my throat.Tenderly laying this object of love into my trolley I walked slowly past him, aware that the spit I generated was hanging from my chin in a thin line, forming an unbroken cum-like line of seed, nestling between my unfettered breasts.Walking and stopping occasionally at phallus shaped objects to momentarily fondle, I became acutely aware of my need to remove my panties, my last barrier of resistance and the strong and overpowering urge to go commando, and be seen as so, took down to the back area, where few customers and in-house video cameras were, in short I needed privacy, if only for five seconds.As I walked I pinched about two inches of my dress below my hips, pulled up and clasped my knickers on that side and pushed the dress down along with my knicker elastic and reverting to the other side did the same, each time lowering my knickers as I walked, until I could feel nature take over and gravity ease them on their own accord to the point of no return, a balance of gravity and knicker elastic, stretched between open thighs, where one move to close my open legs would result in my knickers falling to my ankles.I waited with bated breath, the isle was short but empty, the produce on display clearly did not inspire much customer participation, and when he appeared behind me, I knew it was for me and not what was on sale.He was very close as this little gem of back alley activity was aptly suitable for a girl to let her knickers down for a seedy little man. It was one sided and three meters in length, two trolleys width ad as he eased past me I felt him touch me deliberately across my buttocks.Of course balancing my knickers with my open legs had stretched my dress material beyond its elastic point of no return, clearly showing my outline to him as he past behind me, but what the hell, it was now or never and taking a deep breath, I closed my legs and my knickers dropped and I heard his sharp intake as they fell into view, black, lacy and sheer and obviously very wet.I stooped to pick them up after stepping out of them and as I straightened up I heard him say, 'Wait, let me', and I felt his hand take my panties from me.Still not looking at him I waited for what seemed an age and my senses, now very keen, heard his metallic zipper ease down in conjunction with clothes being adjusted. 'Now Sweetie, lets have this up', and feeling his fingers tug on my dress knew he meant to do the business here as we stood.I was in a state of giddiness as my dress came up over my stockinged thighs and climb higher until my ass was fully exposed and his grubby rough hand dove into my crotch, sliding through and coming to rest with his fat thumb securely nestled deep in my cunt.My forehead lay on the cool metallic shelf while my other hand held my tightly bunched dress around my midriff and as he roughly thrust his thumb into my soft yielding flesh, my thighs opened wider and wider as his hand and my body found a common unison in our own separate needs.I was oblivious as I neared my orgasm and as suddenly as I was about to cry out, he pulled out, leaving me humping air, but before one word of protestation could escape my lips, he thrust hid cock into my near orgasmic cunt.I was orgasming as he went in deep, my cunt closing around him, his fat cock forcing air out of my love tube, creating a 'Pussy Fart' and a vacuum, and only for the fact I was producing copious amounts of lubricant, his withdrawal might have proved impossible. He clung to my naked hips driving them in and out as I rode his fat shaft, I was no longer that tall elegant woman teasing up and down the isles, no, now I was an extension stuck on the end of his cock, being tossed around like a clipper in a storm, sweat pouring from every pore in my body, my breasts free and bouncing of the tins on the shelf, as he violently fucked my until he released his semen.He was out of me but still wanking his final moments to fruition, straight into my panties, crotch no less, and handed them back with his thick dark yellow semen, lying the length of my crotch pad of my knickers, thick smelly globules of sperm, and as I looked he said, 'Come on, put them on', and still in a state of sexual depravity, did as instructed, and when securely in place, felt his hand between my legs rubbing and massaging his seed into my wet sensitive cunt.'We need to stop', I blurted out, and was immediately met with a thunderous smack across my bottom, 'Thats for being a dirty little cunt, Mariel' he said and as I turned full face to him, realized he was my old play school master, who used to sit me on his knee, when I was a little girl, squirming in his lap, so even back then, he had marked my card and now I was a mature woman, he was collecting his just desserts.So my dear fellow wankers, next time you visit your supermarket, wander around and pay close attention to your fellow shoppers, especially in the quiet isles, thats where the action might just be taking place.