I couldn't hide my boner and was itching to take care of it when Becky turned to look at me and said, I'll take care of you if you promise not to tell anyone. I stammered, what what do you mean? Gawd ur such a fucking idiot sometimes, I'm offering to suck your cock dummy. Really! Yes but you have to do something first for me. What? I want you to suck on my toes while I play with myself. Why? Gawd you fucking dummy, I just like having my toes sucked and I'm horny now from talking sex. Ok I said, and she took my hand, come on. She led me up to her bedroom and took off her top but not her bra, a 30c, I had peeked into her undie drawer several times. She said, take your pants off, I wanna see that fucking cock now. My pants feel as my boner pushed my shorts out, and those too she said, I slid my shorts down over my now throbbing cock and couldn't help give it a rub as I did. My uncut almost 7" of manhood (or boyhood) suspended in mid air. My sister said, if you weren't my brother and smiled. She slide her pants off and told me to take her socks off. Her toenails painted a pretty pink made her toes look very pretty. She had me kneel at the foot of her bed and lifted one foot to me. I took her pretty foot in my hand and carressed it as i lifted it to my mouth. Wetting my lips I touched her big toe and begin to run my tongue over it sucking it into my mouth. It felt like a short cock, which turned me on more, but that's another story. Becky as caressing her thighs and wiggling ther toe in my mouth as i begin to suck eagerly. More she said as I took another toe in my mouth, her hand now inside her panties. I could see her hand moving in there, teasing that sweet little pussy of hers. Her eyes were closed and I could see her nipples stiff under the thin bra. She raised the other foot to my mouth and I sucked each toe on that one, in and out, wetting her foot then licking down the bottom of her foot and up to the ankle. I kissed up her leg, but she stopped me and pushed her toes into my mouth again. She was breathing faster and her fingers were working harder, I was watching intently as her tummy tightened and she beging a gutteral moan that got louder and louder. Then she tensed and pushed hard on my mouth with her foot as she moaned even louder. A couple of nughs and she relaxed saying, god that was a good cum. I had almost forgotten about my raging erection but now I was really reminded of it as she lowered her leg and brushed against it. I could see some precum on her leg as she raised it up and pushed to reposition herself. She turned to face me, still kneeling on the bed and took my cock in her hand. I felt her lips close around my cock as she pulled the foreskin back. Her soft lips followed by a slightly rough tongue as she took it into her mouth inch by inch. My beautiful hot older sister was actually sucking my cock. I opened my eyes to look at her silky brown hair bobbing up and down and her tight ass cheeks inside her tight panties and I begin to cum. Her fingers were around my balls as I cum so hard it hurt. She slowed down but kept my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked on me. After a few minutes, I begin to soften and she took it out of her mouth. That was fun wasn't it Tommy? Oh yes fuck yes Becky that was awesome. You didn't cum much she said. What do you mean? Not much of a load there, did you jack off this morning or what? Umm no but not a lot comes out when i cum, I said. Oh, you're young yet, probably just old enough to start making cum. Can i see your pussy? No you little perv, you have to earn that! How? You'll see, she said. Now, get out so I can take a nap and then maybe we can play some more. Comment if you want more stories.