“It’s beautiful!” she said, as they got out of the car and looked around. The cabin looked like a log cabin off the side of a mountain somewhere, it needed a little TLC, but it was quaint. It sat a short distance from the lake, and was surrounded by trees and fall wild flowers. The trees were at their fall best—beautiful bright reds, oranges and yellows, with the pine trees adding the green. There was a porch that wrapped around the cottage. The front overlooked the lake and was huge, complete with a hammock, double chaise lounge and a porch swing. There was something odd, though, something felt different. “Darling, does something seem different to you?” she said. “I can’t put my finger on it, but there is definitely something different about being up here. “It’s a perfect place for a getaway. A romantic weekend for just us!” he said as he reached out and hugged her, kissing her deeply. “Have you got your cell phone?” he asked, “Turn it off, I’m turning mine off, too. For this weekend, the only people that exist are going to be you and me. And maybe the people at the general store if we need provisions!” “That sounds good to me, I can’t believe it’ll just be us, that we can just concentrate on each other for three whole days!” she said, smiling up at him wrapping her arms around him, and kissing him again. He could feel her passion starting to build, and he knew they were in for a fabulous weekend!“I’ll unpack the kitchen and food stuff and get that set up. Why don’t you unpack your stuff? Just pick out the bedroom with the biggest bed,” he said, grabbing bags of food out of the car. “Great,” she said, “I’ll meet you out on that big deck overlooking the lake.” She grabbed the bags and headed into the cabin. “This is beautiful!” she said. “Nothing like what the outside looks like!!” The Great Room was sunken with the kitchen to the right and bedrooms to the left. The front was a picture window from floor to ceiling, with a huge stone fireplace along the left wall. In front of the fireplace were a rustic-looking couch and a loveseat. In the corner was a game table. The kitchen was nothing fancy but roomy for such a small place. And the bedrooms were on either side of the fireplace. The view of the lake looked like it came out of a fairy tale. The lake was calm and two loons were swimming across it. She headed for the bedroom with the bags.The bedroom was just as beautiful as the rest of the house. One wall was another picture window with a sliding door to the deck. The bed sat in the middle of the wall with end tables on either side. She set their bags on the floor and started rummaging through her tote bag for the candles and other “mood enhancers” she brought. While he was getting the kitchen in order, checking that all the appliances worked, and putting our food away, he heard her open a sliding glass door and go out to the deck. He yelled out, “Do you want something to drink?” “Sure, that’d be wonderful,” she called back. He made her favorite – scotch on the rocks, and opened a beer for himself. He then stripped off all my clothes and walked out through the living room and onto the deck. Because of the cabins’ isolation, he was hoping to convince her to have a nude weekend, but he should have remembered how much they think alike!There she was lying on a chaise, wearing only sunglasses and skimpy, bright red, lacy panties! He almost dropped the drinks! “Damn! Honey, you look fantastic!” he cried. “Do I look good enough to eat?” she grinned, with that devilish sparkle in her eyes. “Oh, yeah, you sure do!” he moaned. “I was hoping these red panties would inspire you,” she laughed. His cock was already hard and throbbing just from seeing her, and from anticipation of bringing her to orgasm with his mouth. “Well, as you can see, I certainly am inspired,” he said. “You sure are!!” she said, lightly touching his cock with her fingers. “My my my! Look how big you are already! And hard, too!!!” “Here’s your drink, darling, I’m gonna want to use both hands.” he said taking a quick gulp of beer and setting it down out of the way. She spread her legs wider, and he could see a wet spot on her panties. She had her drink in one hand, and was absent-mindedly fondling her nipples. “Oh, baby, I can’t wait for your wonderful tongue. Get over here and eat me!” she purred, as she sipped her drink moving her hand down to rub her pussy. He knelt down on the end of the lounge chair facing her. His hands took the place of hers, rubbing her pussy. “While you were playing with me in the car, all I could think of was as good as this feels, I was wishing your tongue was there on my clit!” she moaned. “Oh, god, please put your tongue there now, baby!” she said with that passionate, low purr. He leaned over and began gently licking her pussy through her panties, her scent was inflaming his senses, but she tasted different. Suddenly he noticed her panties were dissolving! “Wow! Edible panties?? You really came prepared, baby!” he moaned. Mixed in with her taste was a sweet cherry flavor. But he wasn’t going to wait for those panties to dissolve; he pulled them aside easily and opened her up with his fingers. Her pussy was glistening in the sun from her juices. He moaned and plunged his tongue into her as deep as he could. Then she moaned loudly as he moved his tongue in and out of her pussy, sucking in as much of her juices into his mouth as he could. Hearing her gasping, he moved his tongue quickly up to her clit, circling it around and around. As sexy as she looked in those panties, they were starting to get in his way. So he reached up and pulled them apart. They almost disintegrated between her wet pussy and his tongue!While he was sitting up putting what was left of her panties onto the deck, he realized she could see more of him. So he wrapped his hand around his cock and gave it a few strokes. “See the effect you have on me every time I go down on you?” he whispered. “I may just cum with you, you get me so excited!” He didn’t wait for her reply, he just dove back in to her delicious pussy, using his hands to spread her open. He started licking her pussy up and down, then in circles around her clit. He’s moaning, his mouth full of her pussy and his tongue on her clit, flicking it faster and faster. She tastes wonderful, so he moves his tongue lower to get more of her juices, then back up to her clit. It is so hard; he sucks it into his mouth, over and over like he’s sucking on her nipples. The feeling of his tongue on her took her breath away. She couldn’t separate the feelings…his tongue, his hands, everything blending together. She could hear his moans as he buried his face deeper into her pussy. She could tell he liked eating her, and that made her more passionate and increased her desires. She could feel everything building and building, as she got closer. His tongue and his mouth were driving her crazy. His hands opening, fingers doing something…was that his tongue going in and out? Or were those his fingers? Then suddenly her clit was alive again. With every move of his tongue brought her closer and closer. She loved the feeling, and was certain she would cum quickly. She heard another moan; this one came from her own mouth. She reached down, touched his hands, she could feel his tongue; he knew he found her spot, and he wasn’t stopping. He could feel her whole body begin to stiffen, her hands now intertwined with his, closing tighter and tighter, then suddenly, it started. Her gasps and moans are coming louder and more frequently now. He’s so turned on by the sounds she makes, her taste and smell, and knowing he’s giving her pleasure, he reaches down and strokes his cock. Eating her, bringing her to orgasm, thrills all of his senses at the same time! He flicks her clit with his tongue faster and faster while he reaches up and grabs her breasts with both hands. His hands are holding her breasts and his thumbs and fingers are pinching and pulling her nipples. A soft moan escaped her mouth at first; he could feel her whole body ready to explode. He can feel her hands on top of his encouraging him. His tongue circles her clit faster and faster, as he feels her thighs tightening, her hands are now on the top of his head, holding him closer against her pussy. Her moans are louder now; his tongue is going fast against her clit. Then with a quick intake of breath, and a loud moan, her hands grip his head. Her thighs stiffen out, but he doesn’t stop yet.His tongue is moving faster and faster and finally, it happened. She gripped down hard on his hands, arched her back and threw her head back as a little high pitched sound escaped, then grew louder and louder, then it began to sound like a cat whining as her body continue to convulse from the pleasure that had taken over her body. She didn’t know what her body was doing, or what the sound was, but every muscle in her body had tensed with anticipation, and was now slowly unwinding in the ecstasy of the incredible orgasm she just had. Only, his tongue wasn’t stopping….and neither was her orgasm and the convulsions and squeals that went with it. Finally, after what seemed like 10 minutes, they both began to “ratchet” down. She was exhausted from the wonderful feeling, but still wanted him inside her and on top of her. Her whole body telegraphed the ecstasy he had brought to her, and he was pleased. Her moans continuing, he can feel the waves of pleasure flowing through her body. Her moans don’t lessen, so he continues what he’s doing. He can feel her tense body begin to relax, and he knows to stop licking and just keep his mouth on her dripping pussy, enjoying the sensation of her orgasm, still pulsing through her body. “Come up here baby, I’ve got to have you inside me!” she moaned in a low, soft voice. So he crawled between her legs and easily slid inside her. It felt so good as he slid in, her pussy still pulsing from the orgasm holding his hard cock like snug glove. He started pumping in and out of her, and every thrust he went in further and banged up against her clit. His big cock spread her wider exposing her clit even more. Thrust after thrust makes her orgasm more and more complete. He could fell his cock starting to throb again from being deep inside. Every time he pushed into her he came closer and closer to cumming again. He loved the way she felt when they were together like this. He could feel her legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. Then, she started to run her fingers through the hair on his chest, and then they found his nipples. She squeezed her fingers just a little, but she could tell by his moans and the way he closed his eyes, she had found a spot she would have to “work” later. He wanted to wait. He didn’t want to cum again, so soon, so he started to pull out as he bent down to give her a kiss. But she wasn’t going to let him off that easy. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him down on top of her. Her tongue searching his mouth for something…she didn’t know what, but she wanted more. The passion she felt was starting to take over her body and she wrapped herself around him more and tried to pull him closer. Her tongue was exploring now, licking his ear, then his neck. As he started to lift his body up, she quickly grabbed his nipple between her lips and pulled slightly, then ran her tongue all around it. With each lick, his moans got louder and louder. She wondered if she could make him cum. His moan was all the encouragement she needed. Her tongue went to work on his nipple, licking around and around, flicking it with her tongue, wrapping her lips around it. With every move she could hear him moan louder and louder. But she knew he had something else in mind. She backed away a littleIt felt so good being inside her, and he could feel her pussy still pulsing. “Come and lay down with me,” she purred as she reached out her arms. “Wow,” she murmured, grinning, as they snuggled together, kissing passionately. “That was out of this world! I didn’t think I’d be able to cum so soon after this morning’s car ride!” “I’m glad you did,” he said, “I really enjoyed it.” “Yeah, me too,” she laughed. “In case you couldn’t tell!” Her hand stroked his cheek, “You are the best lover.” “We are, I couldn’t do it without you. You inspire me, you turn me on so much,” he said. She reached down and grabbed his cock, slick with her juices. “You want to put this back in my wet pussy? I’d love to feel you inside of me again! I need a good hard fuck right now!” “Ok!” he said, “Oh wait, I’ve got an idea.” he cried. He ran back inside and grabbed a cushion off the couch and threw it down on the deck. “Here,” he said, taking her hand. “Stand up. You hold the railing and stand on the cushion. I want to see if it makes you tall enough.” She got up off the chaise, turned around, stood on the cushion with her legs spread apart and bent over slightly. She gripped the railing with both hands, then she turned her head and grinned at him over her shoulder, “How’s this, can we fuck like this?” He grabbed the baby oil that she anticipated they might need, and rubbed a healthy portion on his stiff cock. He put his hands on her hips, and slowly entered her soaked pussy from behind. “Ooooh, yeah!” she cried, “That’s what I’ve been missing! Just fuck me with that hard cock, I love feeling you inside me!”As he began pumping into her, he reached around and grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples. He was kneading and pulling on them, listening to her moans of encouragement. His cock felt so good inside her soaking wet pussy he just couldn’t stop slamming into her, harder and faster. His desire for her was, incredibly, still building. He held onto her hips so he could get in deeper; he just wanted to be a part of her. She was rocking back and forth with him, wanting him in deeper, too. He knew that after cumming so hard this morning in her mouth, he would last a long time before he came again, so he wanted to just enjoy fucking her, enjoying the sensation of being so hard inside of her. This feeling of stroking inside of her, being so hard without cumming is indescribably wonderful. After slamming into her for quite some time, he was glad she remembered the baby oil. Soreness is not something they wanted to worry about, especially on the first day! He was also glad that this cabin was so isolated, both of their cries and moans were now really quite loud, neither of them wanting to stifle their pleasure. She was getting excited fucking, too. She were moaning and telling him how good she was feeling, encouraging him. She took one hand off the railing and reached down to feel his cock sliding in and out of her. Then he could feel her rubbing her clit. Now her moans were getting louder and coming faster and faster. Hearing her moans, feeling her pussy gripping his cock, and knowing she was making herself cum again, sent him over the edge too. With a mutual yell, they both came together, their cries echoing across the lake. He bent over her, laying his head on her back and wrapping his arms around her. She was leaning on the railing, both of them breathless. Then he held her hips to help steady her as he slowly withdrew. She held his hand as he guided her back to the chaise lounge. They collapsed on it, lying in each other’s arms. Both of them are grinning and laughing, kissing and giggling, and happy to be in love and here with each other. “My god, lover,” she gasped, “That’s definitely a position we’re going to have to try again!” He held her closer, listening to the quiet of the lake and the song of the loon, enjoying the sounds of nature and the quiet breathing of his lover. There couldn’t possibly be a better place or a better feeling than what they were feeling. Suddenly, he remembered the feeling he had when they arrived, the one he couldn’t quite place. He figured it out, what seemed so different when they first arrived. It was the sound of solitude—just the two of them, together, alone. Civilization was a universe away, they were in each other’s arms, and they were in love.