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I could not belive what she was telling me, then remembering I thought I saw some one I realised I did it was her husband, the image of him watching while I was fucking his wife was in my mind and I woundered if he was watching us again. “So you Told him I fucked you then and he told you he saw it?” i asked her, “Yes!” was her reply, “and I have told him that your going to fuck me again and again, I want an affair with you if you want me?” she looked at me with her tit’s slightly sagging to each side and her pussy squeezing my shaft. “OK!” I said, “but with one condition!” “so what is that then?” she asked me. “ Your hubby dosent get to fuck you anymore while I’m fucking you!” I told her. “OK!” she said straight away, “I’ll tell him when I get home now fuck me some more!” So with out a second thought I pounded her pussy with my hard bare cock. I fucked her for nearly 3 hours and then she explained more about her self to me, she told me how she had been married to her husband since she was 18 and that she was now 51 years old, she had 4 c***dren all grown up and left home, one of her sons was a lot older than me at 31 and the other was younger at 18, but her two daughters where both in there late 20’s one was 27 and the other was 26, I was very shocked to think this woman was old enough to be my Mum and I had fucked her with out thinking about it. She also then told me, “I have only ever fucked my husband before your wonderful cock and he is only 4 inches when erect, Yours is the biggest i have seen, your even bigger then my son and he has 6 inches.” She had a look of pleasure on her face as she told me this. “would you fuck me with my husband in the same room at my house?” she asked, “ he would really like to see your cock going inside me a bit closer!” I then told her she would have to wait and see, as I didn’t know If I wanted her hubby to watch me fuck her that close, She seamed dissapointed.We fucked for a bit and she liked to change positions a lot, she may only have fucked her hubby before me but she liked to fuck and knew a lot of different ways to ride a hard cock, so as I came inside her again and then with drew my erection from her pussy with a plop sound as our mixed juices oozed out of her love tube, I watched her slide a finger in and then she licked it clean like she was licking syrup from her fingers, my seamen was running out of her and dripping into the grassy floor I just could not leave her like this and I went down on her and licking my cum out of her then kissing hard on her mouth so she could taste both of our juices on my tongue, I probed my middle finger into her and scooping her out licking my finger and then her cunt lips that where coated with cum. The though that she had two daughters was going throu my mind and I kept thinking how I would like to fuck with one of them and that I was licking, sucking and fucking the cunt that they had both come out of, I just had to fuck her again and I pushed my swelling knob back in her.She started to tell me more about her self as we fucked, she explained how she loved to watch porn films with her Hubby then try out some of the things that she saw, there favourite video’s where the house wife being fucked by a younger man, she then said how she had always wanted to have another man as her lover and that she thought that it would never happen as she hugged me and kissed me then she was telling me her fantasy was her husband to sit in a chair and watch her lover fuck her in there marrital bed while he wanked his own cock. I was screwing her slow and listing to her as she explained that she wanted to be a slut wife and fuck on my cock feeling me cum deep inside her while her Hubby was there, as I speeded up I wispered in her ear, “OK, If he would really like to just watch we can do this.” She just squeeled, hugging me and wrapping her legs right around my back kissing me all over my neck and face as she thanked me, then she was asking when could we do it, I just fucked her hard and deep as the thought of her husband sat watching turned me on and made me swell harder as my cock throbbed inside her I pushed into her deeper just at the point when my balls tensed and I shot my cum right up her.I just laid on top of her and felt my cock slip out of her cunt as her juices mixed with mine dripped out from between her piss flaps, I then started to get dressed as she protested that she wanted more. I looked at her soiled pussy coated with my cum and looking well used. Her cunt lips where so swollen and had changed from there pretty pink colour to red. As I opened her lips with my fingers rubbing her clit and slipping into her love tunnle, she squirted up my hand a little jet of her cum then another and another went higher up my arm. I had made her cum on just my fingers, so I then sucked her lips and licked my tongue into her. She tastes so good that I wanted to eat her out even more, then she finnished with a thundering orgasam on my face she was so beautiful as she took her pleasure and then just collapsed exhusted. I watched her dress and as I kissed her good by she asked me, “ So when will I see you again?” “Why tomorow, hear at the same time!” I replyed and then she asked, “so when are you going to come around to my house and fuck me in bed?” I stopped and thought then replyed, “ we can talk about it tomorrow. Then I left walking off in the opposite direction to where she lived. I turned and saw her walking away slowly thinking about how I was going to fuck her again the next day as she walked of home to her husband with another belly full of my cum. The next day she was there again in the same spot as before she was stripping off her dress as soon as she saw me and getting down to her undies, as I walked up to her and throu the cushion on the floor she put her arms around me and then explained that she had some thing to tell me, as I laid her down on the cushion and pushed my hard cock inside her she moaned with pleasure. She then started to tell me as I pumped my cock into her cunt how her hubby had followed her again yesterday and watched us fuck again she explained how he describbed watching the familier sight of her arse raised on the cushion and her wet cunt lips being entered by a strangers cock had turned him on and that he wanked his own cock till he shot his cum against this tree, then she was telling me how when he tryed to pull her clothes off and fuck her she told him that he could not have sex with her again while she was having this affair. He looked at her and then pleaded with her, but she said “NO, the only cock that is going into me is His young cock, you will have to just wank your own!” He then asked her, “What about a blow job?” “NO!” she replyed, “only his cock is getting my attention!” She clung on to me as her orgasam hit her as she was telling me that she wanted an affair with me, but how we had to be very descreet about it as she would not want her c***dren to find out that she was fucking a boy younger than three of them. I countinued to fuck her for 3 hours that day and aranged to meet her the next day, but i will tell you more later.