Unplanned family Thing IV

I woke up early, around 5 a.m. I was still snuggled up against "E" and needless to say, I had a morning piss hard on. Started to rub up and down between her cheeks. She lifted her leg a little and I slipped between them. Could feel the dampness and started to stroke back and forth. It didn't take long and I could feel her clit harden and she started to moan.Stick it in brother she said. I need a good morning fuck. Slowly, I entered her and started to fuck her with long and deep strokes. I knew that I would last for a long time since I had to pee. I reached around and started to finger her clit. This set her off, she pumped herself backwards into my cock and in reality she was fucking me.Wet your finger and stick it in my ass. Didn't need to be hit with a brick and did as she wanted. After two or three minutes passed I had three fingers in her ass and was pumping away like a madman.The sensation was unbelievable. We were both so wrapped up in our sexual escapade that we didn't hear the door open and were unawares of anyone else in the room. That is until we heard the unmistakable voice of our "Father"What a sight he said. With that we stopped, I removed my cock from her delightful pussy and we both sat up. You shouldn't have stopped he said as he was stroking his very large uncircucised cock. We would both later find out it was 9 1/2 inches long and very thick. Tom, he said, I think you and your sister should resume the position you were in and continue your fucking.Maybe it was fear at being caught, but at that moment my cock was kind of deflated. Oh, he said, I think maybe she should suck it for a while just so you get hard enough to put it back in her pussy.We both felt as though we were being put on the hot seat. She leaned over on the bed and took my flaccid cock into her mouth. I don't remember exactly what she did, but in less than two minutes I was completely hard. She got up on the bed on all fours and proceeded to tell me to put my cock back into her pussy.I did as she asked and reentered her and reluctantly started to fuck her with slow even strokes. Very nice he said as he continued to stroke his cock. As he stroked his cock he slowly walked to the bed facing her side. He reached out his hand and lifted her face. While holding her chin he moved his body closer to her face, so that his cock was lying right on her lips. Open your mouth as wide as you can he commanded. Slowly her mouth opened and he pushed his hips forward until the head of his cock was lying on her tongue. He pulled back his foreskin and a big almost purplish cockhead appeared. Close your mouth gently around my cock baby, then move your head back and forth.She did as she was told and as she moved her head back and forth he was moving his hips in unison with her movements. while this was going on i was still pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. the sight of her sucking that cock must have triggered my senses. I could feel my ball sack start to tighten up and sensed a gigantic orgasm coming on. I'm ready to come dad.Pull it out when you're closer and she will turn and take it down her throat. As he said that I was at the brink and pulled out. As I did so did he, telling her to turn around and suck my cock into her mouth. She did so and as my cock entered her mouth I started to come. As I squirted the first two streams into her mouth he came around to this side of the bed. As I was about to blast another load into her mouth, he grabbed my cock from her and put it in his mouth, just as I let go with another three streams of come. I couldn't believe that he had my cock in his mouth. Not only that, he actually swallowed all that came out of me.Even after I stopped coming he continued to suck my cock. I couldn't understand it, but it felt great and in about two minutes my cock was standing tall again. Not bad for a k** he said. But, now it is my turn. He told sister to continue what she was doing before. She got down on her knees and gently took his cock back into her mouth. Immediately he started pumping his gigantic cock in and out ot her mouth.She actually looked as though she was enjoying it. It won't take long he said to us. Since I was watching the both of you for several minutes, I am horny as hell and ready to come. Tom, get down by your sister and watch. I did as I was told. I could not believe she had that huge cock almost all the way in her mouth. I later found out she had learned how to "deep throat" from him. Only a few seconds he said as he started pumping faster and held her head with one hand. Almost immediately he started to come in her mouth. Three blasts I could see her throat movement as she swallowed. He then clenched his cock with one hand and took it from ther mouth and grabbed my head. Now you taste me as I tasted you. I opened my mouth, mainly from fear I guess. He shoved as much as he could into my open jaws,took his hand off and started coming again. Now, swallow he said. Having no choice since it was already in my mouth, I did it.Much to my surprise, it didn't taste all that bad. A mixture of "flavors" Tany, salty and a tinge of sweetness. What I couldn't believe is the amount of come he delivered. He shot another five or six gobs of come into my mouth and I had all I could do to keep up swallowing the copious amount. Now both of you can lick me clean and we will continue with our little escapade. We both licked him clean and amazingly he was still hard as a rock and me too to say the least.Now honey he said to my sister. You have been teasing me for ever so long and your mother is the one who has benefited from your little flirtations. But now I think it is your turn. So get up on the bed and we will proceed with your indoctrination into the world of sexual reality.I truly to this day think that is what she was waiting for. She jumped on the bed, spread her legs and said. Stick that big cock of yours into me daddy and fuck my brains out. He moved to her with his hard cock in his hand. He rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and over her clit several times. Commenting that he could feel how wet she was. He gently pushed the head in. He waited a few seconds, lifted her legs and told her to pull the back as far as she could. When she had done this, he shoved the whole thing right up to her cervix.I couldn't believe her response. Fuck me hard she said, I am coming already. Oh daddy, I love it. It feels so good. I've been wanting this ever since I peeked in on you and mom fucking and saw the size of your beautiful cock. You can fuck me anytime you want. Come in me so I can feel the power of your wonderful cock. I have been on the pill for two years, just waiting for you to take me.They must have fucked for 15 or 20 minutes when dad finally said he was about to come.She already had had about five orgasms, but when he finally started coming she went ballistic and went into a frenzy. Her orgasm was so intense as he shot a tremendous amount of come into her, she actually passed out for about a minute. When she came around, she had a gigantic smile on her face and a look of complete satisfaction.Clean her up Tom he said. By that I mean use your tongue and suck it all out of her. I must get ready to go to work. Will be gone for about three days, maybe four. Do you think your can handle the both of them while I am gone?With that he left he room and we were both staring in disbelief at what he had said. I bent over and started to suck on her pussy and received a shit load of his come for my endeavors. Cleaning her up with my tongue and mouth, got her started again. One more time Tom, She asked? Yes, I said. But let us do something different.I flipped her on her belly and started to lick her ass. Creating a lot of saliva, which I then put around her buut hole. I didn't waste time as my cock was hard as a rock.Got up behind her and just shoved it in. At first the shock of my cock in her ass froze her. But after about two minutes of my fierce stroking, she was in sync with me and we were fucking like crazy. It only took about 3 minutes and I dumped a load in her and we were both exhausted and completely satisfied in all aspects.What do you think he knows, she asked? Don't know for sure I said. But let us think about it.There is much more coming in the future.Now I have to go relieve myself. Memories have made me hard as a rock.Until later.