What Cums Around

the car, OK? We have a law against cell phones and texting but there's nothingthat says you can't get blown while driving, right?!"************************************************************************Every time I fly into Tucson, the airport gets longer and longer.It doesn't help no matter what airline I use they always wind upat the gate furthest from baggage claim.It's just as well Tommy didn't fly with me to Tucson. That wouldbe a little hard to explain to hot and horny Gail, seeing meholding hands with a dude I just met.(Yea, so what? I'm bi-sexual. Oh, did I mention I cross dress too?)When I got to the long stairway where most people meet each other therewas no Gail in sight. But as I reached for my cell, somebody yanked meinto a secluded corner.She began by shoving her tongue down my throat and pressing her hipsas hard as she could against my cock.(Nice to see you too Gail)"You asshole," she said. "Don't stay away so long next time!"Gail was about to unzip my fly when a rent a cop bellowed at us."Hey! That's a restricted area. Save it for your bedroom!"(Ah, you loved it, you wanker)When we got to her SUV Gail threw me the keys. I should have knownshe was up to something.Traffic was all fucked up due to construction on I-10. We wound upstuck in a big ass line going no where.I was so busy bitching about the stand still I never noticed Gail undoingher seat belt. She managed to slither under the dash and was working herway to my pants.It's a good thing we didn't run into a Boarder Patrol Check point. I could seeit now. "No officer I'm not smuggling i*****ls, my girl friend's giving me head inthe car, OK? We have a law against cell phones and texting but there's nothingthat says you can't get blown while driving, right?!"When we finally got to the mountain road where her place was Gail got back intoher seat. As we pulled into her long driveway I spotted an older car.I knew it wasn't her's. There were baby seats in the back. The car had several bumper stickers on it."Never drive faster than your angels can fly""Nurses do it better""Big Sky Productions"and"If you hate my driving call 1-800-FUC-KYOU!"When I asked Gail who's car that was she said it was her business partnerJessie's car."Hope you don't mind," Gail answered. "I want you to meet her."I must have turned to stone in the driveway. ("WTF!")"Come on!" she yelled. "I'll explain inside."When Gail opened the door there was someone there to meet us. When Igot a good look at her my jaw hit the ground.She looked about a hundred pounds heavier since the last time I saw her.The thunder thighs had become a walking monsoon. Her love handles hadgrown into twin spare tires. And her giant fun bags were now enormousmaga gams that almost reached her waist.Every chubby chaser knows there's that point when everything gets too big.But there are those rare gals that carry it well, and know how to work itno matter how big they get.Besides, this was no ordinary girl. This was my first love."Sky!" I shouted out loud.She turned and glared at Gail. "You didn't tell me it was Larry Green you knew!""And you told me only family members still called you Sky!" replied Gail.Jessica was Sky's great grand mother's name. It only made sense she'd want togo by her real name after her great gram passed away.Sky held open her big arms to me. "Come here, you!"For a few moments I forgot where I was, or who I was with, or how hot and hornywe got on the way from the airport. Or how pissed I was that Gail had broughtcompany along to our wild romantic getaway."You look great!" I finally said."And you're a good liar! I know I've gone to seed. This is what having three k**s and going through a bad divorce does to a woman." replied Sky.(Oh shit! She's not married anymore)"How do you two know each other?" asked Gail.(Oh yeah, horny crazy impliments of sex toy torture Gail)We explained how we had known each through our dads. Even though we went to different schools we'd known each other since we were five.Sky never mentioned what an ignorant fuck I could be. Or how we'd even watch each other pee when we were younger. And of course I never said it's because of Sky I prefer BBW's over most skinny chicks. Or how Sky's big monster mams were making my boner even bigger than when Gail was sucking on it.Which brought us to why Sky was even here in the first place."It's better if we just show you." said Gail."You remember all that TV production work I was into?" Continued Sky."I started my own company called 'Big Sky Productions.' It's funnyhow many people think I'm from Montana, because 'Big Sky Country' isthe nickname for Montana. They don't realize I'm 'Big Sky'""She's Sky" added Gail."And I'm big!" laughed Sky.We came to a part of the cabin I had never been to. Gail opened a room thatcould have been connected to Wild Cresent Productions back in Pa.On one side was a hospital bed, on the other a regular bed. TV equipmentwas everywhere. On the wall were posters. They were the pix she had sent me.One was Gail fisting herself, the other was Gail with two sex toys up her ass.But on the third wall was Gail getting fucked by a dude."Holeee shit! That's Hammer Man Hank!" I shouted."How do you know Hammer Man?" asked Gail. "He only does gay porn.""Oh relax Gail." Put in Sky. "Larry's all into that far far ultra leftpolitical scene because of his job. They're all into Ralph Nader,Food Not Bombs, and all that LG-PDQ stuff.""That's LG-B-TQ" I corrected."See what I mean?" continued Sky.Gail went on to explain how she met Hank and how he was going to get herwider distribution for her porn site. The only thing is Hank's ex boyfriend insisted Gail do a fetish scene for them. It seems Hank'scompany has a thing for she males."That's just too bizarre for me," admitted Gail.Once again I almost turned into stone. "Go on!" I said."So we were hoping," contined Gail."Before I knew it was you," interuppted Sky."Before I fucking knew you were my fucking producer's ex lover fer shit sake!Could you possibly wear a dress and these fake breasts for us, and fuck meon camera while wearing them?"I had to pause for effect, and to make sure this wasn't just a very long wetdream and how I'd wake up still at St. Rose in Albany NY."So you were just using me?"Gail was looking paniced. "No no no. I still want you, for you. It's justyou do me so well, I thought it might be kinky if the whole world could watch. . ."Sky gave Gail a look that was like, "Before I knew it was MY Larry you skank trampy bitch!""I'll do it!" I declared. "On one condition."